Kei te hapori

Photo: Chris Sullivan

Providing the right information in the right way

The Healthier Lives Challenge has engaged stakeholders in the selection of the focus areas, research programmes, and initial research activities. To date organisations from four broad categories have participated:

  • Government agencies and policy makers
  • District health boards and primary healthcare organisations
  • Health-related non-governmental organisations
  • Māori and Pacific entities with an interest in health

Healthier Lives has adopted an Integrated Knowledge Translation approach where partnering between knowledge users and researchers supports shared decision making and implementation.

Continued partnership with end users will be key to delivering Challenge targets. Supporting health professionals and health organisations to make use of best available evidence in their practice will only be possible through the development of strong relationships.

Healthier Lives also has important relationships with key organisations working on non-communicable diseases including:

Outreach and knowledge exchange

Let us know what you’re doing in your community to support healthier living.


Highlights from the National Science Challenges

Highlights from the National Science Challenges [PDF 3.8MB] MBIE, February 2018