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Healthier Lives – He Oranga Hauora 2019-2024 research strategy

Healthier Lives strategy document 2019–2024 (PDF 3.3 MB)

To develop our 2019–2024 research strategy Healthier Lives undertook a landscape analysis, extensive consultation and a major science review.  We talked with and listened to partners, stakeholders, policy-makers and researchers, national and international experts, and interested members of the general public.

At the heart of our strategy is our vision of Aotearoa New Zealand with equitable health outcomes and a substantially reduced burden of non-communicable diseases.

To achieve this, we will focus on three research themes:

  1. Healthy food and physical activity environments
  2. Culturally centred health interventions for Māori and Pacific Peoples
  3. Precision medicine and personalised prevention.

These themes acknowledge that to improve health outcomes we need to work at many levels, ranging from systems that affect the health of the whole population, to approaches that are effective for particular communities as well as interventions that take into account the genetic make-up and life experiences of individuals.


Cross-cutting principles

The strategy has three cross-cutting principles:

  • Equitable health outcomes
  • Enacting Treaty partnership and contributing to Vision Mātauranga
  • Co-design with next and end users

These principles emerged from earlier work as critical factors  to achieve the Challenge vision.  We’ll use them to guide and select future research activities.


Research support platforms

Two research support platforms will be introduced as Challenge-wide initiatives:

  • Big and linked data – using the power of big and linked data to answer important health research and policy questions
  • Evaluation – measuring the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions to drive evidence-based health policy, practice and assessment.

We have included these platforms in response to advice received from our International Science Advisory Panel about the value of developing shared resources and approaches, and the strong potential to enhance the effectiveness of research through greater use of these particular tools.


Getting involved

There will be opportunities to get involved in Healthier Lives research in the next phase. We intend to hold small, focussed workshops to explore the scope of each research theme and prioritise research that will make the greatest impact for New Zealand.

We will continue to work closely with partners, stakeholders and communities to build on the successes of our first phase of research (2015-2019).

Details of workshops and other events will be publicised in our newsletter.

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Expressions of interest are now open for: Healthier Lives research prioritisation workshop – healthy food and physical activity environments.

Please register your interest at Deadline for expressions of interest is 25 January 2019.


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