Conflicting food advice—what to look out for

8 September 2016

Shopping at the supermarket

There’s sugar and then there’s sugar? What do those Health Star ratings on packets really mean? Does a paleo diet have merit?

We are bombarded by messages about what is good for us, who’s advice should we trust? What things should we be considering as we make our decisions about the food we eat?

Here’s some expert opinion to give you some pointers.

Natural does not always equal best

Professor Jim Mann gets us clear about different forms of sugar, and what to watch out for with very sweet natural food. Read his advice, along with other experts, in the Listener:

Why dried fruits could be next on the nutritionists’ hit list (Listener website)

Health Star ratings on packaging

So how should we compare things? ‘Like with like’ says Dr Lisa Te Morenga. Read more in the stuff website.

Do we need Health Star Ratings? An expert’s perspective (Stuff website)

To paleo or not to paleo?

What actually is paleo—can it exist in the twenty-first century? Professor Jim Mann provides an entertaining interview with John McDonald on RadioLIVE on the concept of ‘paleo diet’ and what is really important about laying down good dietary habits early in life.

Professor Jim Mann on Chef Pete Evans ‘potentially deadly’ diet advice (RadioLIVE website)

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