Diabesity—finding a way forward

1 February 2017

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The Diabesity Crisis
17 March 2017

New Zealand is facing a rising tide of ‘diabesity’. Our rates of diabetes and obesity are amongst the highest in the world. The problem is starting in early life and leading to increased levels of disability in mid- and later-life. There is a significant and growing cost in both human and economic terms and we urgently need solutions for individuals and communities.

Many interventions have been tried but not all have proved successful. We are holding a symposium that will focus on evidence about what will make a real difference, across a spectrum covering public health measures, social inequalities, better understanding of genetic predisposition, lifestyle changes, and surgical options.

Healthier Lives Science Challenge, is delighted to be joining forces with A Better Start Science Challenge, and Edgar Diabetes and Obesity Research (EDOR) to bring together our collective expertise to present a day of distinguished speakers from New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.

Diabesity symposium event details

  • Friday, 17 March 2017, 9am–5pm
  • Clinical Education Centre, Auckland City Hospital, 2 Park Road, Grafton
  • Cost: $50

Meet our diabesity crisis speakers (EDOR’s website)

More event information and venue maps (EDOR’s website)

Diabesity Livestream

YouTube video

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