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Sustainable New Zealand diets

Assessing the health and environmental benefits of sustainable New Zealand diets

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Project Status: Active Funding: $671,790 Timeframe: July 2020 – June 2023



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The foods we eat are vitally important to our health. The way they are produced has a major impact on the earth’s resources and climate change.  Population-wide changes are needed if we are to achieve healthy and nutritious diets sourced from sustainable food systems.

Whāinga | Aim

This project aims to identify an optimal diet that meets the nutritional needs of Aotearoa New Zealand’s population while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, at minimal additional cost to individuals. It will also identify a range of feasible and acceptable policies to help New Zealanders move towards this diet.

Huarahi I Whāia | Approach

The project team will use epidemiological models to predict the effect of an optimal diet on the health of New Zealanders, health inequities and the environment.

A review of international literature and consultation with members of the public and policymakers will shape the selection of several policy interventions which could create a shift towards an optimal diet.

The impact of these interventions will be modelled to inform policymakers and practitioners about how best to improve population diets to maximise health and environmental co-benefits.


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