Webinars: Ngā Taonga Tuku Iho, Wai 262 and the National Science Challenges

21 July 2021

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The Rauika Māngai hosted a two-part webinar series on the 21 and 27 July focussing on the impact of Wai 262, particularly in relation to the National Science Challenges.

These webinars explored the implications for Aotearoa’s science system of the current work to resolve long-outstanding issues related to the Wai 262 Waitangi Tribunal claim – and provided an opportunity to discuss how the National Science Challenges could provide a unique environment for responding to these issues. Each webinar included a panelist kōrero, facilitated discussion, and questions. 

For more information about the event please visit the Rauika Māngai website.

Videos of the webinars are available below.

Webinar 1: History and Impacts of Wai 262

When: 21 July 2021

We all need to understand the origins, history and impacts of the Wai 262 Waitangi Tribunal claim on individuals and whanau, so that we can understand its broader implications in our science and research landscape. Panellists spoke about the injustices, issues, and tensions that resulted in the claim, and the subsequent Waitangi Tribunal report, along with the unresolved concerns that remain on the table to be addressed.

Webinar 2: Wai 262 and opportunities for National Science Challenges

When: 27 July 2021

Te Pae Kahurangi, the government’s 2020 CRI review, has signalled changes ahead. While the future of National Science Challenges is unclear, there is still much that can be achieved in the next 3 years. The ability of our National Science Challenges to push at the edges of critical societal issues creates a unique environment for practical and innovative responses to issues associated with Wai 262.

This session discussed challenges and opportunities in Aotearoa’s science system, highlighted examples of responsible practice within National Science Challenges, and looked at where we can prioritise action to advance this kaupapa over the next 3 years.

Photograph by Naomi Aporo

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