Diabetes Xplained: An app for living with type 2 diabetes

14 September 2016

Two young people viewing an app on a phone

Dr Rinki Murphy, Healthier Lives Science Leadership Team member, and associate investigator, and Terry Ehau, also an associate investigator, have been involved in producing a free app about living with type 2 diabetes.

The app has been designed specifically for New Zealanders. It helps people learn about the condition through a story-telling approach.

The app is based on real experiences, and is a collaborative effort written and reviewed by health professionals and experts, including people living with type 2 diabetes. Others involved included: Dr Michelle Downie, Dr Rick Cutfield, Dr Catherine McNamara, Rab Burton, Helen Snell, and Chris Baty.

You can download the free app at:


You can view Hare and Lisa talking about their diabetes and the app on YouTube NZ:

Type 2 Diabetes Xplained—YouTube

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