Healthier Lives researchers feature in Gene Genie series

1 June 2016

Presenter Adam Rutherford

BBC 4 science presenter and geneticist, Dr Adam Rutherford, discusses with New Zealand researchers how the eventual deciphering of the whole human genome will have implications for sex, paternity, medicine, weight control, species restoration and even human survival.

Recorded at live events in March 2016, the Gene Genie series is being broadcast as The Sunday Feature on RNZ National 8 May–7 June.

Recordings of each episode are available on The Royal Society’s website:
Gene Genie series

Gene Genie broadcast dates

  • The New Age of Genomics: 4pm 8 May and 9pm 10 May
  • Family and Genealogy: 4pm 15 May and 9pm 17 May
  • Genetics and Health: 4pm 22 May and 9pm 24 May
  • Genetics and Disease: 4pm 29 May and 9pm 31 May
  • Conservation Genomics: 4pm 5 June and 9pm 7 June

The Genetics and Health episode features Healthier Lives researchers:

  • Dr Rinki Murphy
  • Professor Cristin Print

The Genetics and Disease episode features Healthier Lives researchers:

  • Professor Vicky Cameron
  • Professor Parry Guilford 

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