Healthier Lives researchers prominent in HRC funding round

17 June 2016

Kids enjoying lunch at school, photo by Chris Sullivan.

Healthier Lives congratulates researchers whose work has been recognised in HRC’s (Health Research Council) 2016 funding round with substantial investments. This recognition speaks to the research excellence, integrity and standing of our research colleagues.

Investigators have been recognised in both three- and five-year grants with a number of studies having direct relevance to our goal of healthier lives for all New Zealanders.

We offer our congratulations to:

For five year programmes:

Lead researcher Professor Tony Blakely (Healthier Lives Principal Investigator and Science Leadership Team Member) and colleagues:
Modelling preventive interventions to improve health and social outcomes

Lead researcher Professor Rod Jackson (Healthier Lives Co-Principal Investigator) and colleagues:
Vascular risk informatics using epidemiology and the web 2020

Lead researcher Professor Richie Poulton (University of Otago) and named researchers Professor Jim Mann (Healthier Lives Director) and Dr Lisa Te Morenga (Healthier Lives Principal Investigator) and colleagues:
A lifecourse study on ageing processes to inform early intervention strategies

For three year projects:

Lead researcher Associate Professor Andrew Jull (Healthier Lives Associate Investigator) and colleagues:
A trial of wool-derived keratin dressings for venous ulcers

Lead researcher Professor Peter Shepherd (Healthier Lives Science Leadership Team Member) and colleagues:
Potentiation of targeted cancer therapies by statins

Lead Researcher Dr Kirsten Coppell (University of Otago) and named researcher Associate Professor Jeremy Krebs (Healthier Lives Science Leadership Team Member) and colleagues:
What predicts regression from prediabetes to normal glucose regulation?

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