Joint Heart Foundation–Healthier Lives Programme Grant

25 February 2019

In Phase 1 of National Science Challenges (2015-2019), Healthier Lives undertook research to develop more equitable cardiovascular disease risk prediction tools for the New Zealand population.

In Phase 2 (2019-2024) we will undertake research aimed at achieving more equitable health outcomes for those at highest risk of cardiovascular disease.

We are therefore pleased to announce that applications are now open for a Joint Heart Foundation – Healthier Lives Programme Grant.  The closing date for applications is 3rd May 2019.

 Achieving equity in cardiovascular disease outcomes

People of European descent have more favourable cardiovascular health outcomes than New Zealanders of other ethnicities, notably Māori and Pacific. The Heart Foundation and Healthier Lives National Science Challenge invite research proposals aimed at improving equity in cardiovascular health in Māori and Pacific in New Zealand. The Foundation and Healthier Lives will jointly fund a programme of translational research addressing the evidence-practice gap to enable delivery of the highest quality of evidence-based care for better outcomes in cardiovascular disease. The programme is expected to provide information that will assist planners and health care providers.

Up to $2m over 3 years will be available for the programme considered most likely to deliver on these objectives.

Applicants must be familiar with the mission and strategy, and research investment guidelines of the Heart Foundation and the Healthier Lives National Science Challenge.

For more information and to lodge an application:

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