Kim Hill interviews Professor Rachel Batterham about bariatric surgery

28 March 2017

Professor Rachel Batterham

Professor Rachel Batterham, an endocrinologist at University College London and a keynote speaker at The Diabesity Crisis: how can we make a difference? research symposium, has been interviewed by Radio New Zealand broadcaster Kim Hill about bariatric surgery.

Professor Batterham’s research has helped explain how bariatric surgery works, and in doing so has given us important new insights into the hormones and metabolic pathways that control our weight.  This information will allow the development of new drugs that can mimic the remarkable effect of bariatric surgery in halting type 2 diabetes.

Listen to the Radio NZ interview with Rachel Batterham:
Rachel Batterham – gut reactions to obesity, Radio NZ website, 18 March, 2017 (27mins)

The Diabesity Crisis: how can we make a difference? research symposium was held on 17 March, 2017, at Auckland City Hospital, and was jointly organised by Healthier Lives National Science Challenge, A Better Start National Science Challenge, and the Edgar Diabetes and Obesity Research Centre.

For an update on BMI and an overview of the Diabesity Symposium, catch up with the Public Health Expert blog:

BMI keeps on going up—and reflections on the Diabesity Symposium (University of Otago blogs)

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