Sugar, sugar, everywhere?

29 March 2017

Teaspoon of sugar

Mark Sainsbury interviews Dr Lisa Te Morenga, Healthier Lives co-principal investigator, about good sugar, bad sugar, and sneaky sugar on RadioLIVE.

Following on from the recent ‘The cost of sugar’ forum that Healthier Lives co-hosted with Edgar Diabetes and Obesity Research Centre, and A Better Start National Science Challenge, Mark asks Lisa some common and perplexing questions about sugar.

We need it for our muscles and brains but how much do we really need?  Why are some foods are more healthy sources than others? How do carbohydrates fit into the picture? How can we take control of the sugar we consume?

Listen to the interview on RadioLIVE:

Could you live without sugar? RadioLIVE website (8.5 minutes)

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Niki Bezzant, a NZ Herald reporter, attended ‘The cost of sugar’ forum. You can read her report, which includes further expert comment from Professor Jim Mann, in the NZ Herald’s website:
The truth about sugar: How much sugar should Kiwis have? (NZ Herald website, 23 April)

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