Nutrition advice brought into focus

8 June 2017

Book covers for five editions of Essentials of Human Nutrition

Healthier Lives Director, Professor Jim Mann, and colleague Professor  Stewart Truswell (Sydney), celebrated the launch of the fifth edition of their Essentials of Human Nutrition textbook in Dunedin last week.

While the book is intended for students of nutrition and dietetics, nutrition has a role in so many areas. Training and established health professionals such as pharmacists, doctors, those in sports medicine, fitness and other health-related sectors will also find the book valuable.

This latest edition has new chapters on public health approaches to implementing dietary advice, food fortification, hospital food, and dietary patterns.

Other chapters have been rewritten or extended to cover developments in genetics, nutritional crises, cardiovascular disease, and feeding young children.

Not surprisingly there has been a good deal of interest in the book from a very wide-ranging audience. Many people attempt to find their way through apparently conflicting advice, and highly promoted eating trends, to establish what’s best for themselves and their families. This book has been written with them in mind too.

Read the full article in the Otago Daily Times:

Popularity of nutrition textbook no surprise

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