Students investigate diabetes and obesity

24 May 2017

Dr Brian Corley and students

Students from Wellington East Girls College had a visit from Dr Brian Corley to talk about diabetes, some of the causes, and how it is linked to obesity.

The talk covered the different types of diabetes, why type 2 diabetes is becoming increasingly common, and how big a problem it is for New Zealand.

Students were surprised to hear how much sugar there is in some foods and drinks, and how these could contribute to obesity.

Dr Corley demonstrated some of the equipment and tools that people with diabetes use. He also explained his work as an endocrinologist and a researcher, and his pathway into his profession.

Dr Corley’s visit was provided as part of Healthier Lives outreach work, and contributed to the Year 11 students’ curriculum for an NCEA health module.

Dr Corley’s visit video (1 min, 23 secs)

Dr Brian Corley is working with people with diabetes at the Capital and Coast District Health Board in Wellington. He  is also an endocrinologist doing his PhD at the University of Otago, Wellington. He has a research clinical training fellowship from the Health Research Council of NZ to investigate the mechanisms of diabetes remission.  His PhD is being supervised by Associate Professor Jeremy Krebs, a Principal Investigator and member of the Science Leadership Team of Healthier Lives.

College students’ infographics

Three students display their course work on diabetes, smoking, and lung cancer:

Anna Davis displays her work on Type 2 diabetes
Anna Davis displays her work on Type 2 diabetes in children.
Emma Stewart displays her course work on the impact of smoking.
Emma Stewart researched the impact of smoking.
Tessa Burke examines the relationship between smoking and lung cancer.
Tessa Burke examined the relationship between smoking and lung cancer.

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