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Precision medicine and personalised prevention

Improving treatment and prevention of non-communicable diseases for individuals

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Epigenetics for equitable cardiovascular risk prediction

Using epigenetics as a precision medicine tool for predicting cardiovascular disease outcomes more equitably
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Investigating whether probiotics and prebiotics can prevent the development of type 2 diabetes
Rp Header Betame


Evaluating a digital health programme for self-management of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes
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ctDNA for better cancer care

Investigating the use of circulating tumour DNA to detect cancer
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Equitable CVD and diabetes risk prediction

Improving cardiovascular and type 2 diabetes risk prediction for Māori, Pacific and Indian subcontinent ethnic groups
Rp Header Biomarkers

Biomarkers for cancer detection

Applying precision oncology to the New Zealand healthcare system for better cancer management
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Healthy food and physical activity environments

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Culturally centred health interventions for Māori and Pacific peoples

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Precision medicine and personalised prevention

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